The Dream

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My dream of pedaling across the country is coming into view. Early June, right as school lets out, my Dad and I will head out of Oceanside, CA and riding our way to Annapolis, MD. We are planing around 36 riding days, over 3000 miles and then adding a few rest days as needed. This is our chance to see the country at a slower speed and to accomplish a dream we both have had for many years. This blog is to help organize my planning and give me the ability to share with others who have similar ambitions. After working at bike stores for years and just having a love of bicycles, I realize I have learned a few things and would love to share. I have worked out a no nonsense approach to bikes and like to talk about those things you don’t commonly hear talked about. I hope to discuss every thing from equipment, snot rockets, nutrition, gear ratios, panty lines (ladies!), and route planning.


24 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. Harlan Price says:

    Allie this is good


  2. How exciting Allison! Will you be coming through Colorado on your trip? We would *love* to be a stop on your journey!

  3. Rick Gregory says:

    Hey – I’m praying for you as you guys pedal out tomorrow! Godspeed!

  4. Kirk and Holli says:

    Make sure to report on you, your Dad and your support team!

  5. Pat Gregory says:

    Blessings to you all … I’m with you in spirit; the flesh is too weak!

  6. Uncle Brian says:

    I am excited for you and your dad to take this trip and looking forward to reading your posts. :). Praying for safety and that this trip is exciting and meets your expectations.

  7. tracy corona says:

    I can’t wait to see and read what there is to come. Sounds like an amazing adventure.

  8. Peggy Johnson says:

    Praying for you each day! Feel like I am riding along! Ha! Hope I am not weighing you down!

  9. Kathy and Pastor John Summers says:

    Thanks for visiting our little church in Flagstaff! It was great to meet you and hear about your trip. Next time you come this way, let’s get together for lunch!!

  10. Gus says:

    Where are the road kill photos?

  11. Jan says:

    Allie & Harlan, We are so excited for you both. What an amazing feat to bike across America. WOW! I’ll be praying for you guys. I’ll try to get the “old” housechurch together for a talk about the good ol’ days. We can always make a road trip to meet you in Gettysburg if you don’t make it to New Cumberland. If you need a place to sleep our “inn” is always open.
    Love, Jan & Phil

  12. Bill Patterson says:

    Have a safe, fun and adventurous bike trip. The pictures and memories from this road trip will be priceless. Allie, Your dad is one awesome guy!

  13. Jan & Phil says:

    Allie, You are doing a great job of blogging. I’m enjoying reading your daily adventures. Give our love to your mom & dad.

  14. Papu says:

    Kiddo! I’m so proud of you and dad! My whole team is following your trip. Every couple days they ask me where you are on your Adventure. It’s pretty cool.

  15. Jan & Phil says:

    Hi Allie,
    What’s your ETA for Gettysburg and/or Annapolis. I’ve had such fun reading your blog. Can’t wait to see you guys. Love, Jan

  16. Jan & Phil says:

    I know this is a hard day saying goodbye to your dear dad who has partnered with you for the past 38 days. Now begins another adventure as you and Doug drive back home together. Enjoy your trip and I’ll be praying for your safety.
    Love, Jan & Phil

  17. Hey great effort Ellie. How did it all go, love this sort of get up and go adventure!!!

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